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2019 Softlines Webinar Series

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07/15/19 |Care Label Harmonization| 10:30AM ET

Learn more about the harmonization of different regulatory requirements and how it will affect your softlines labeling.  

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07/18/19 | Upstream Solutions for Softlines | 2:00PM ET

Discover how to mitigate potential quality assurance (QA) issues before a product ends up in the hands of a consumer with UL’s Upstream Solutions.

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07/23/19 | SASO Regulations and their effects on Textiles and Apparel | 10:30AM ET

SASO requirements for softlines are evolving. Attend this webinar to make sure you are aware of all the necessary updates.

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09/05/19 | Russia Market Access for the Softline Industry | 10:00AM ET 

Understand what is required and what approvals are needed to import, export and sell textiles, apparel and footwear into the Russian market.

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10/10/19 | Microfibers - What do you need to know? | 2:00PM ET

Learn more about what microfibers are, how they are being used in textiles, apparel and footwear and what testing requirements exist.

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11/14/19 | Prop 65 and the Softlines Industry | 11:30AM ET

Understand the effects of California Proposition 65 on textiles, apparel and footwear and different compliance strategies that can be utilized.

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12/05/19 | China Market Access and the Softlines Industry | 11:30AM ET

Learn how the Guo Biao (GB) standard affects softlines and suggestions on how to successfully access the Chinese market.

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01/23/20 | Fur Bans in the U.S | 11:30AM ET

Some states are considering banning the use of fur. Attend this webinar to learn which states and how it may affect your products.

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