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UL Alarm Certificate Services’ Webinar Series: Solutions to Improve Ongoing Compliance of Fire Alarm Systems

Series Description

Code officials, design professionals, and other stakeholders work tirelessly to ensure that fire alarm systems are installed per applicable codes, standard and design requirements; however, after systems are installed it is a challenge for many jurisdictions to ensure required on-going code compliance.

This webinar series will provide attendees the framework of building code, fire code and NFPA 72 monitoring, maintenance, and service requirements for Supervising Station fire alarm systems.

The UL Fire Alarm Certification program is designed to give Authorities Having Jurisdiction and all stakeholders confidence and reliability that fire alarm system functionality, monitoring, inspection, testing and maintenance and fire alarm company service delivery are in compliance with nationally recognized codes and standards through regular assessment and oversight at no cost to jurisdictions.

Webinar 1: Overview of UL's Fire Alarm Certification Program
On Demand

Understand the key components of UL’s Fire Alarm Certificate Services program and how it can help to increase code compliance in your community.
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Webinar 2: Understanding Approved Supervising Station System Types
On Demand

Designed to give code authorities and alarm companies a better understanding of UL’s Alarm Certificate Services program and how it relates to nationally recognized codes and standards.
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Webinar 3: Applying the Code to Supervising Station Systems
On Demand

Examine the International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC) perspective regarding fire alarm systems and references made to NFPA 72 as the standard for fire alarm systems compliance.
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Webinar 4: Tying it All Together: Using the Code to Require a Fire Alarm Certification Program
On Demand

Gain a brief overview of the previous three webinars while learning how a code authority can determine the most appropriate system type for their communities or target occupancies for requiring a fire alarm certification program.
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Your Speakers:

Tom Presnak

Engineering Associate Lead, UL

Read Tom's bio here

Todd Iaeger

AHJ Outreach Specialist / Alarm System Auditor, UL

Read Todd's bio here