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Webinar Series: Going Global with Wireless Products

Market access thrives on trust. But launching these products to the global marketplace can be complex, costly and time consuming. EMC, radio performance, radio frequency (RF) exposure and safety requirements are mandatory in most markets; however, there is no universal standard and regulations vary from country to country. A sound compliance strategy can make the difference.

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Webinar 1: Navigating Regulatory Complexity for Wireless Products

Global markets are accessed through compliance. Trust happens when you do it right. When incorporating a wireless module into products, you must comply with wireless technology Type Approval requirements in over 100 countries. Join UL experts to learn how wireless technology affects regulatory requirements and explore the various compliance routes for wireless Type Approvals necessary to launch your product to the global marketplace.

Webinar 2: Wireless Module Compliance for Europe and the US

Modular approval can be faster, more cost effective, and more adaptable than the system approach, however, it comes with regulatory implications that can vary from one market to the next. Join UL experts for an in-depth look at modular approval requirements so you can determine the best compliance strategy to bring your wireless products to Europe and the US.

Webinar 3: Wireless Requirements for Asia, Latin America and Beyond

Market access requirements for wireless products vary widely from country to country. Join UL experts and explore key requirements for 15+ countries in Asia, Latin America and beyond to help inform your wireless global market access strategy.

This webinar series is recommended for:

  • Technology device manufacturers
  • Wireless technology integrators
  • Mobile device manufacturers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Wireless chipset manufacturers

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