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Change is the only constant in the cards and payments industry. As our world becomes increasing cashless, your payment system must keep up with customer expectations while staying compliant with the latest standards. You need to get more new products to market faster. 

ASTREX is the payment industry’s most powerful real-time payments simulator. It is the leading solution for testing your payment infrastructure host systems.  

With ASTREX you can independently emulate every payment network scenario and transaction type in an end-to-end simulated environment. This single test environment can be made available to every participant in your product development lifecycle. 

ASTREX improves card and payments product quality and eliminates costs. It reduces delivery risk while also increasing your speed to market. 

Special Offer for Remote L3 Testing 

UL assist customers around the world in easily and successfully performing the required brand testing processes.  

Through 15 June, we have a special value-add solution available. Sign-up today.



Key benefits 

  • Get new products to your customers faster 
  • Reduce customer churn 
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of your product development and support 
  • Replicate your production payments environment 
  • Make every system change simpler 
  • Gain accessible enterprise-wide environment 
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