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Horticultural Lighting Performance Certification

UL now offers Performance Certification for lighting equipment intended for horticultural use.

In the fast-growing Horticultural market, UL is helping to lead the way through the development of guidelines related to the performance, reliability and suitability of horticultural lighting products. UL’s Horticultural Lighting Certification Program is comprised of lighting manufacturers who agree to have their product's performance evaluated by an independent 3rd party both initially and continuously. That data is then made available to end-users (growers, specifiers, designers, etc.) to reference when selecting the appropriate products for their horticultural lighting needs.

UL is committed to providing services and knowledge to horticultural lighting manufacturers and actively participates in the development of horticultural specific test methods and standards for Industry Associations.


  • Provide manufacturers with report of evaluation results
  • Listing on UL’s Product iQ searchable database
  • Program based on evaluation to UL S 8000 Horticultural Lighting Performance Specification
  • Provides use of the UL Enhanced Mark
  • Aids both specifiers and end-users in the process of selecting high-quality horticultural lighting products for their specific needs


  • Brings credibility to your products performance
  • Delivers confidence to assist end users in their purchasing decision
  • Ensures consistency of your products performance
  • Differentiates your product in the marketplace
  • Leverage UL Enhanced Mark

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