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Grow Your Knowledge: Horticultural Lighting

Are you concerned about safety, security, consistent product quality, risk mitigation and meeting the numerous regulatory requirements? Talk to UL, we have the answers.

Horticultural lighting is one of the fastest growing segments in the lighting market. From lighting and oil extraction equipment, to building safety and security systems, UL has been providing a full suite of safety services, including testing, verification, inspection and certification to a wide variety of industries and businesses.

All UL services are delivered by our expert technical teams that know and understand the technical requirements inside and out. Additionally, UL’s close working relationship with all levels of government and regulatory bodies means that we have a thorough understanding of the safety system.

Safety services for horticultural lighting equipment, oil extraction equipment, and building safety and security that you can trust:

  • Horticultural Lighting Equipment
    • Photobiological Safety
    • Performance & Ingress Protection Testing
  • Oil Extraction Equipment Explosion Protection
  • Premise Security and Fire Protection
    • Safety Certification
    • Building Inspection

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