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After the webinar you will receive a link to UL’s complimentary CEU on sustainable tools for BIM projects. Join us for this fast-paced webinar ideal for LEED APs and A&D who work on sustainable building projects.


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Learn How SPOT Makes Green Building Projects Easier

SPOT User Webinar

Finding products for LEED projects is easier with the launch of the new UL SPOT sustainable search tool, which provides access to 50,000 searchable sustainable products, downloadable product documentation, and a Revit® add-in for BIM projects. Join our 45 minute webinar on May 9th to learn about new features and collaboration tools on UL’s SPOT platform, which was recently recognized as an official product search engine for LEED projects. We will share:

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  • Top 10 ways that SPOT simplifies the LEED process
  • New collaboration tools on SPOT to make product selection easier
  • How SPOT tools for Revit® automate sustainable product data

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Your Speakers:

Josh Jacobs

Director of Environmental Codes & Standards, UL Environment

Mike Collins

Global Product Data