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Building Envelope: Fundamentals - Part 2 Physical Principles

This is the second webinar in a new five-course educational series focusing on Building Fundamentals. Each part of this webinar series is eligible for 1.5 HSW LU or .15 IACET credit.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 | 10:00 AM (CST)

Building Science is constantly evolving, punctuated by the current challenges we face: energy efficiency, adaptation to climate change, sustainability, building conservation and rehabilitation. This series of webinars responds to both the fundamental requirements of building practice and the contemporary issues of building science, using an interactive and dynamic approach to understanding, knowing, integrating, and performing.

The second webinar will deal with the fundamental physical principles that govern the phenomena found in the building envelope in relation to water, air, moisture, and heat, as well as certain notions relating to the behavior of fire and noise in the envelope.

  • Identify the main physical principles that manage and condition the performance of the building envelope
  • List the basic principles and calculations that dictate performance
  • Describe how these principles improve the knowledge and advancement of building science

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