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Packaging peace of mind


Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether in a cardboard box, crate, skid or custom designed container, packaging helps to ensure the product will arrive to its destination undamaged. UL offers package testing to assess the security and integrity of goods during transport.

Advantages of Packaging Testing

  • Reduced product claims and complaints
  • Protection for the product
  • A decrease in costly returns
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Minimize the need for trial shipments
  • Improved environmental and cost benefits through the elimination of excessive packaging materials

Requirements, Procedures and Standards

  • ISTA 1 Series: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests
  • ISTA 2 Series: Partial Simulation Performance Tests
  • ISTA 3 Series: General Simulation Performance Tests
  • ASTM D999: Standard Test Methods for Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers
  • ASTM D4169: Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers
  • Custom Client Specifications and More

UL’s package testing equipment includes rotary vibration, random vibration, incline impact ramp, mechanical shock, vertical compression, horizontal (clamp) compression, environmental chambers, burst and a free fall drop tester.

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