Growing the Understanding on Safety & Performance in Horticultural Lighting

Both commercial and novice growers are recognizing the benefits of growing plants and vegetables using custom tuned horticultural lighting equipment. While HID lighting equipment has been, and continues to be a popular light source for the grow environment for many years, LED lighting equipment has advanced significantly and offers additional flexibility and advantages. With these advancements, LEDs are quickly making their presence known to the Horticultural grow market, making selecting the appropriate lighting increasingly complicated.

Join UL experts for this FREE, one-hour event to learn about the fundamental differences between Horticultural lighting equipment and lighting equipment intended for general lighting application. Also hear about UL’s new safety requirements for Horticultural lighting equipment and the broad range of safety and performance evaluation offerings for this specialized lighting equipment.

Objectives Area Title


  • Environmental ratings for equipment
  • Eye safety considerations (photobiological safety)
  • Polymeric materials (UV considerations)
  • Methods for electrical connections  


  • Differences in Human and Plant Response
  • Metrics applicable to Horticultural Lighting
  • Conditions and Considerations for Measurement
  • Standards, Test Methods, and Programs in Development

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