New Energy in the Battery Infrastructure


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In 2017, a number of battery multi-national standards are receiving significant updates or being published for the first time.  UL has the expertise on the latest updates specific to UL 9540 – Energy Storage Systems & Equipment; UL 9540A - Thermal Runaway Fire Propagation within Battery Energy Storage Systems; UL 1973 – Stationary Batteries; UL 1974 – Evaluating Batteries for Repurposing; as well as IEC 62933 Energy Storage standards; and IEC 62619 stationary/motive batteries.

UL’s involvement in stationary applications for batteries, repurposed batteries, and energy storage systems leads the world in the standardization of the very rapid updating of the world’s electrical infrastructure.

  • Understand the world's first energy storage system standard and its latest update
  • Provide the latest updates on stationary battery standards
  • Share an introduction to one of the world's first standard to evaluate manufacturing processes for repurposing batterie‎s
  • Learn how these battery standards work together to establish the safety of energy storage systems for fire, electrical shock and physical hazards
  • Overview of standards referenced in code regulations and the necessary Listing requirements for system installation
  • Identify how systems and their installation will meet large scale fault and fire testing regulations

Whether it is certification or training, UL is here to help. We hope this is another reason why you continue to rely on UL to certify, validate, test, inspect, audit, advise and educate.

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