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Cybersecurity Forum and Laboratory Grand Opening

From September 18 (1 PM CET) through September 19 (2.30 PM CET) 2018 | Frankfurt/Neu-Isenburg |

The two day forum "UL Empowers Trust in Cybersecurity" offers industry and research leaders opportunities to discuss the latest trends and developments in the sector, share experiences and best practices on how to protect brand reputation in the global marketplace while learning how to better manage risks inherent to connected products, systems or components.

Highlights of the forum

  • Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0
  • DIN and KITS: Standardization in Cybersecurity
  • UL and Cybersecurity: Worldwide, EU and Germany
  • GDPR: What does it Mean to Corporations and Manufacturers of Connected Devices?
  • Cybersecurity From The Trenches - Leading Edge Research Results and Next Projects 2020
  • Management Briefings - beyond tech talk:
    • Emerging Threats in Cyber Security: Side Channel Attacks and More (Demo and Discussion)
    • From Threat to Attack: The Tricks of Black-Hats and how to Mitigate (Demo and Discussion)
  • and more ...
Please click here to download the full agenda

The forum will be accompanied by the opening ceremony of UL's Cybersecurity Lab, Center of Excellence in Europe.

Register now, seats for this event are limited!


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