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Schedule a meeting with UL at

Consumer Electronics Show

January 8-11, 2019 | Sands Expo Center, 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas | Booth Hall A-D, Space MR 46640

Submit the form to request a meeting with one of our experts to discuss potential opportunities to work with UL, to simply catch up with a colleague, or to learn more about the latest topics and trends that will be covered at the show: 

  • Advertising, entertainment and content: Learn about what’s new in gaming, advertising and marketing, music and virtual/augmented reality
  • Automotive: Follow the trends in self-driving cars and other vehicle technology
  • Health and wellness: Read up on accessibility, digital health, fitness and wearables, and sleep technology
  • Home and family: Learn about the latest in home entertainment, family and lifestyle and smart home systems
  • 5G and IoT: Follow what’s happening in smart cities technology and cybersecurity
  • Product design and manufacturing: Read more about 3D printing, design, sourcing, packaging and sustainability

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