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UL 8800 - Horticultural Lighting & System: A Comparison with UL 1598

Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 | 10:00 AM CT

In this free webinar, you’ll learn the function of horticultural lighting in controlled environment agricultural operations, as well as the specific safety and performance requirements applicable to these specialized luminaires and systems. You’ll also hear discussion on the scope of testing available under UL 8800, Outline of Investigation for Horticultural Lighting Equipment, compare it to UL 1598, and conclude with a summary of the potential advantages of UL 8800 horticultural lighting certification.

After this seminar, you’ll understand the key differences between UL 8800 and other LED Lighting Standards:

  • Targeted scope
  • Photobiological effects
  • Wiring and connection methods
  • Environmental considerations
  • Ingress protection
  • UV exposure of polymeric materials

Your Speakers:

Ed Joseph-300_x_260.jpg

Ed Joseph

Principal Engineer, Lighting, UL LLC

Your Speakers:

Ed Joseph-300_x_260.jpg
Ed Joseph-300_x_260.jpg Ed Joseph-300_x_260.jpg
Name Name Name
Title company Title company Title company

Adam Lilien

Business Development Manager, Lighting North America, UL LLC

Eric Gaudreau

Engineer Lead, Performance Lighting Group, UL LLC