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Schedule a consultation with one of our experts at

Money20/20 Europe

3 – 5 June 2019 | Amsterdam | Booth D50

From PSD2 & Open Banking to digital identity, the European payments landscape is being transformed by regulation, advances in technology and the evolving demands of retail and corporate customers. Rapid digitization has popularized cashless strategies and consumer convenience is top priority for the manufacturers.

Visit UL at Money20/20 Europe to discuss the challenges and opportunities and much more:

  • Find out how UL empowers trust in smart ecosystem security
  • Hear UL's experts talk on stage about cybersecurity and the changing nature of attacks and attackers
  • Discuss how UL helps clients in the payment space reduce time to market, stay relevant and scale by eliminating complexity of new technologies and regulations
  • Enjoy a discount when purchasing your ticket with the following code: UL200

We looks forward to welcoming you to the 2019 edition of Money 2020 in Amsterdam. Book a meeting already today to ensure a time with one of our experts.

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